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Click here to download MYweb4net Browser (version, 1.03MB)
Click here to download MYsystray Browser addon (allow MYweb4net to start minimize in the system tray at window startup)

System Requirements
Win95+IE4 is the minimum requirement. WinXP+IE6 is recommended. MYweb4net Browser runs on all 32-bit windows systems, i.e., Win95/98/ME/NT/2k/XP. A few minor features may not be available under win95.

*Notice for Software Download Sites:
If you wish to put a download link to MYweb4net Browser on your website, please use the following links which can automatically balances the traffic between all our download servers.


Please DO NOT directly link to the setup executable file. If you want to host MYweb4net Browser setup file on your server,
please contact us to receive a special executable file.

End user license agreement of MYweb4net Browser

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